[[t]sɒ̱f(ə)n, AM sɔ͟ːf-[/t]]
softens, softening, softened
1) V-ERG If you soften something or if it softens, it becomes less hard, stiff, or firm.

[V n] Soften the butter mixture in a small saucepan...

Fry for about 4 minutes, until the onion has softened.

2) VERB If one thing softens the damaging effect of another thing, it makes the effect less severe.

[V n] There were also pledges to soften the impact of the subsidy cuts on the poorer regions.

[V n] ...he could not think how to soften the blow of what he had to tell her.

3) V-ERG If you soften your position, if your position softens, or if you soften, you become more sympathetic and less hostile or critical.

[V n] The letter shows no sign that the Americans have softened their position...

His party's policy has softened a lot in recent years...

Livy felt herself soften towards Caroline.

4) V-ERG If your voice or expression softens or if you soften it, it becomes much more gentle and friendly.

All at once, Mick's serious expression softened into a grin...

[V n] She did not smile or soften her voice.

5) VERB If you soften something such as light, a colour, or a sound, you make it less bright or harsh.

[V n] We wanted to soften the light without destroying the overall effect of space...

[V n] Stark concrete walls have been softened by a show of fresh flowers.

6) VERB Something that softens your skin makes it very smooth and pleasant to touch.

[V n] ...products designed to moisturize and soften the skin.

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